Welcome to Village Libre

Village Libre is a non-profit initiative to demonstrate that society can prosper only from voluntary exchanges.

Village Libre is an autonomous community living on a territory and agreeing to the non-aggression principle (the rule of not harming others and never initiating violence).

Our Vision

"In a free society there is work and bread for everyone."
Quote inspired from Ludwig von Mises, Socialism, Social Evolution, Chapter 19.

We believe a society free from coercion unlocks innovation and entrepreneurship, which creates employment opportunities for the whole population.  We also believe there is more equality and prosperity in a society where everyone is equal before the law, rather than a society run by an elite imposing their rules on the population.  Our goal is creating a society where the people have the power to govern themselves, and where the laws are made to protect the property rights of each and every individual, regardless of status, skin color, gender or religion.

If you believe democracy is the best form of government, then it also means you agree with the following principle: democracy is the right of people to govern themselves.  Consequently, if people have the right to choose a leader, then people have the right to vote with their feet and move to a different place and elect a leader of their choosing.

Our Mission

The mission of this website is recruiting people who are tired of the current political system and considering moving where freedom shines. People who are happy with their government(s) shall stay home.  We respect your choices and politely ask you to respect the way we choose to govern ourselves.

Who would benefit by joining our community?

How is Village Libre different from other micronations?

Village Libre has a Constitution with unique characteristics: